Free Play StandardsTM


To help shops & pubs against extortion from Rogue Music Societies.
Boosts music sales, from standardsTM played free in all venues
All industries benefit from free product publicity! So why not Music?

FreePlayLabel™ CDs

Q1. What is a FreePlayLabel™ CD?
A1. A FreePlayLabel™ CD is a compact disc that may be legally played in shops & public venues without a license.

Q2. Why is no license required to play a FreePlayLabel™ CD in shops & public venues?
A2 Because registration of FreePlayLabel™ CD include :-
a) termination of membership of all music prohibition societies and
b) permission from the music copyright holders for free public performance.

Q3. How does one recognise a FreePlayLabel™ CD?
A3. A FreePlayLabel™ CD is endorsed with the FreePlayLabel™ logo, and
FPMS registration No., which can be checked for validity by contacting FPMS on 020 8998 6372 .

Q4. What are the advantages of CD Label registration?
A4. Greater CD sales from increased free public exposure of the music, and snowball sales effect.

Q5. Does the Free Play Music Society™ collect or distribute royalties on behalf of members?
A5. No. That’s why members are assured of impeccable honesty & integrity of the Free Play Music Society™.

Q6. Will music shops have special sections for FreePlayLabel™ CDs & Prohibited Music CDs?
A6. Yes definitely:-
a. FreePlayLabel™ CD Section and
b. Prohibited Music CD Section (License Required).
No prizes for guessing which CD music section will flourish.

CD Label & Record Company Registration of the FPMS is Minimal & Affordable*

Benefits of Registration
Significant Financial Benefits from free shop publicity of one’s CDs & spin off snowball publicity effect.
Entitlement to FreePlayLabel™ Registration of one’s CDs and music recordings.
Free listing & links on our website to enable purchase of one’s CDs by shops etc. hungry for FreePlayLabel™ CDs.

Condition of Registration: It is an imperative condition of registration to officially terminate membership of:-
PRS, PPL and any Music Society enforcing music prohibiting playing of their members’ music without a licence.
PRS & PPL royalties paid out is a pittance compared to income lost from prohibiting free publicity of that members’ music.

How to obtain minimal affordable registration!
Please phone 020 8998 6372 or 020 8998 3540

Please phone 020 8998 6372 & 020 8998 3540
Free Play Music Society™
19, 21 & 23 Fosse Way, Ealing, London, W13 0BZ
FPMS is a non profit subsiduary of the
Institute of Inventors – IPR Specialists – Established 1964